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Araceae Cloud Forest


SubTropical Exotics is a Private Nursery built on years of collecting and growing rare Aroids and other subTropical Species.

Open by Appointment - Mobile 0408 028 454

With the success of our Educational program,  subTropical Exotics has introduced Araceae Online as part of our ongoing Education Program. An informative online Xperience with Aroids is available to our Worldwide audience via Zoom.

Araceae Cloud Forest

Growing Aroids to Maturity

Monstera deliciosa 'Borsigiana Variegata'

Growing Aroids to Maturity we're able to note the natural changes (Ontogeny) observed during the life of many of the Aroids that include the way the plant change from the juvenile to the intermediate and finally into the adult leaf form.   

Maturing Monstera deliciosa 'Borsigiana Variegata (small form) growing' hemi-epiphytically in CocoCoir and as the plant matures onto the living wall producing aerial roots and promoting growth in high humidity    


Typically the small form is a climber (vine-like) with long internodes, and smaller foliage compared to the large form.

Variegation typical presents on the stem, petioles, foliage, inflorescence, and infructescence. Geniculum does not develop until maturity and is not as dominant as the large form

Araceae Cloud Forest

Growing Aroids to Maturity in high humidity using digital sensors measuring both light intensity and air temperature and automatically adjusting the fogging rate as these factors vary to control humidity within the Araceaew Cloud Forest. 

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