Araceae Cloud Forest

Mass of Aroids (Araceae a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants) in the subTropical Exotics Araceae Cloud Forest in high temperature and humidity.

Our goal was to create artificial environment high in humidity by introducing fogging that is often visible in cloud forests, to provide milder ambient temperatures in for our aroid collection similar to a natural cloud forest to slow the evaporation process.

Aroids in our Araceae Cloud Forest are planted in Premium Quality Coir growing media with low EC (<1ms/cm @ 1:1.5 dilution) Blend (60%/40% blend of Coco Pith & Coco Chip) with a pH : 5,0 – 7,5.

As Aroids prefer ph: 5.5 - 6, Coir is ideal as it remains evenly moist, so the roots of the plant can continue to draw in fresh oxygen.

In the Araceae Cloud Forest juvenile aroids flourish in the shade of a tree through a process known as scototropism. Scototropic is a natural to most Aroids, causes them to seek darkness in order to find a tree to climb. Aroids need to climb as the light at ground level often is low and the species like Epipremnum, Monstera, Philodendron, Rhaphidophora, etc., all need brighter light for chlorophyll production.

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