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Philodendron verrucosum

Part of our mass planting of Philodendron verrucosum, growing as an appressed hemi-epiphytic climbers growing on the Living Wall of Aroids. Planted in the Floating Gardens in premium grade CoCocoir.

Mass planting of Philodendron verrucosum growing as appressed hemiepiphytic climbers on the Living Wall of Aroids in high humidity growing in a premium CocoCoir Blend.

Cut back to single-rooted node in early January 2022.

We contribute the growth of Aroids in the Araceae Cloud Forest to a combination of naturally enhanced factors.

Grown in a Premium CocoCoir Blend in environmentally controlled fogging to maintain high humidity through all seasons, and bright indirect natural lighting.

We use a selection of carbon-rich organic food that helps boost microbial populations and helps nutrient uptake to be optimised ensuring root development, density and spatial distribution, growth, and survival of our Aroids.

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Grown on a Living Wall with naturally developing Moss, Philodendron verrucosum is a striking Aroid, known for its velvety, (velutinous) dark-green leaves with bright, light green veining once they reach maturity.

Abaxial (underside) of their leaves are coloured, burgundy in between the veins, with pubescence (densely covered with fine short soft erect hairs) covered petioles, typical of verrucosum.

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