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Welcome to Macrame by Weaver where we design and create unique Indoor and Outdoor handmade Macrame with a creative difference. 
Living on the Gold Coast (Queensland) and guided by inspiration from the beach and bush, our handmade Macrame comes to life.  We use quality fibres, cords, materials, and other mediums specifically designed to enhance a space with warmth and harmony. 
Our outdoor Macrame is ideal for both residential and commercial use by withstanding a range of environmental conditions as well as rot, water and sunlight resistant. 
Our Indoor Macrame adds a unique touch of synergy to your home, workplace, special environment and also an ideal gift for another. 
We choose local and Australia Wide suppliers who create high-quality Australian-made materials, which in turn supports our workers and our home; Australian.
Quality Australian handmade Macrame by Weaver for you to enjoy.


The SubTropical Exotic is a privately owned botanical garden in Wongawallan Gould Coast Australia. Our collection promotes members of the family Araceae (aroids) including Anthurium, Alocasia, Colocasia, Monstera, Philodendron, and other members of this family of monocotyledonous flowering plants


My designs are inspired by colours, hues, tones, shades, forms and textures from our Australia's beautiful beaches and native bush.

SubTropical Xperience

The subTropical Xperience Garden is revealed through a series of ‘Gardens’ full of Aroids and connected by boardwalks surrounding Araceae Cloud Forest and the ‘Living Wall of Aroids”. Ensuring an effective respite for the mind and an Xperience free from the stresses of daily life.


We offer our products via Distributors, Social Media and our On-Line Store.


We continue to source materials to ensure the diversity of our macrame collection for you to enjoy.

New Products

Macrame by Weaver will continue to introduce new products based on creative designs, including Artwork, Printed Linen and other Products for your Home.

Contact us for special Orders or Gifts.

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Macrame by Weaver

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