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Living Wall of Aroids

Mass planting of maturing hemi-epiphytic climbers and appressed climbers and epiphytic Aroids growing on the Living Wall of Aroids. 


To ensure density and spatial distribution, growth, and survival of aerial roots on our hemiepiphyte Aroids, we have extended the Living Wall of Aroids to include our ‘Living Totems’ within the Araceae Cloud Forest in high humidity.

In July 2021 we introduced floating gardens at the base of the Living Wall with a CocoCoir Blend to encourage growth from the base of the wall

Basically we replicate the surface area of a tree using felt, and mass plant hemi-epiphytic Aroids at the base and epiphytic Aroids on the surface of the felt.

The fibrous composition and moisture content of the felt, supplemented with microscopic water droplets humidity, promote aerial roots development, securely anchor the stems of the hemi-epiphytic climbers to the felt.

The Living Totems also provides the means of delivering organic based liquid fertilisers, nutrients, microorganisms, and naturally occurring mineral to the hemisphere-epiphytic climbers, ensuring lush growth on the Living Totem.



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