Wayne L.Lyons - Aroid Collector

Wayne L. Lyons

 Aroid collector, grower, and creator of the largest Living Wall of Aroids, and Araceae Cloud Forest in Australia, Founding Member/President of the Aroid Society of Australia.

Araceae Cloud Forest





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Xperience the beauty of Araceae (Aroids) growing to maturity in high temperature and humidity at subTropical Exotics is conveniently located at Wongawallan.

A rural locality off Mount Tamborine Oxenford Road. A pleasant drive approximately 60 km from Brisbane and 40 km from the Gold Coast.

Araceae Cloud Forest

Mass of Aroids (Araceae a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants) in the subTropical Exotics Araceae Cloud Forest in high temperature and humidity.


Our goal was to create an artificial environment high in humidity by introducing fogging that is often visible in cloud forests conditions.


Note: The range of altitudes at which cloud forests are found is typically (220–5005 Mts). The climate of cloud forests is highly variable from site to site, with an average rainfall of 2000mm per year and an average temperature of 17.7 °C. In addition, cloud forests are found in seasonal and aseasonal environments alike, both in terms of rainfall and temperature.