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About Us

Committed to an innovative approach, we grow and develop Aroids in a revolutionary environment. 

Mass planting of Aroids growing to maturity as climbers, appressed hemi-epiphytic climbers, epiphytes, in the Araceae Cloud Forest in high humidity in premium grade CocoCoir Blend, and on the Living Wall of Aroids.


We contribute the growth of Aroids in the Araceae Cloud Forest to a combination of naturally enhanced factors.

Grown in a Premium CocoCoir Blend in environmentally controlled fogging to maintain high humidity through all seasons, and bright indirect natural lighting, We use a selection of carbon-rich organic food that helps boost microbial populations and help nutrient uptake to be optimised ensuring root development, density and spatial distribution, growth, and survival of our Aroids.


The SubTropical Exotic is a privately owned botanical garden in Wongawallan Gould Coast Australia. Our collection promotes members of the family Araceae (aroids) including Anthurium, Alocasia, Colocasia, Monstera, Philodendron, and other members of this family of monocotyledonous flowering plants


In growing Aroids to maturity, we've implemented specialised technologies using ambient conditions to control the growing environement using digital sensors measuring both light intensity and air temperature to control fogging rates ensuring optimum growing contions. 

SubTropical Xperience

The subTropical Xperience Garden is revealed through a series of ‘Gardens’ full of Aroids and connected by boardwalks surrounding Araceae Cloud Forest and the ‘Living Wall of Aroids”. Ensuring an effective respite for the mind and an Xperience free from the stresses of daily life.


SubTropical Exotics offers an extensive selection of Aroids via Social Media and our On-Line Store.


We continue to source Aroids to ensure the diversity of our collection continues to promote the Family of Araceae in Australia

New Products

subTropical Exotics will be introducing a number of new products based on Araceae, including Macrame by Weaver, Jigsaw Puzzles, Artwork, and Printed Linen Products for your Home 




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Araceae Education

We are always looking to provide our clients a better understanding of Aroids with our Newsletters and online education through our Araceae Eduction via Zoom.

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