After collecting many rare and subtropical exotic species, we are now propagating/growing plants at our subTropical Exotic Nursery at Wongawallan Qld 4210. The Private Nursery is open by 'Appointment Only'.

We have created a beautiful Subtropical Xperience Garden full of Aroids with boardwalks adjacent to the Wongawallan Creek. 

The subTropical Xperience Gardens are open for a private viewing. Visitors to the Gardens will need to book online.

Groups, Plant Society & Garden Clubs, please email or call 0408 028 454 regarding bookings $10.00/Person. 

Your admission provides you access to the beautiful subTropical Xperience Gardens, full of Rare Aroids and other Exotic subTropical species and part of the 'Living Wall of Aroids'. This is a truly remarkable garden is set against a natural flowing creek. 
Booking Essential -                                      

The beautiful subTropical Xperience Gardens are a collection of rare Aroids and other exotic subtropical plants species.


Plants species are replaced in the garden regularly to provide guests with a changing environment to include an emphasis on balance, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, proportion and unity.


While flowers are often present, colour is a strong element of the garden with striking leaf colour and a variety of foliage forms and textures presented throughout the garden..


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To provide a selection of rare and subtropical exotics species to collectors and plant enthusiasts

Mobile: 0408 028 454

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