After collecting many rare and subtropical exotic species, we are now propagating/growing plants at our subTropical Exotic Nursery at Wongawallan Qld 4210. The Nursery is open by 'Appointment Only'.

We have also created a beautiful Subtropical Xperience Garden with boardwalks next to the Wongawallan Creek. 

Commencing April 15th, 2019 the subTropical Xperience Gardens will close for public viewing. Visitors to the Gardens will need to book by calling 0408 028 454 or email info@subtropicalexotics.com.au. Individuals, Group, Plant Society & Garden Club bookings welcome, entry $10.00/Person (cash only). 

Your admission provides you access to the beautiful subTropical Xperience Gardens, full of Rare Aroids and other Exotic subTropical species and part of the 'Living Wall of Aroids'. This is a truly remarkable garden is set against a natural flowing creek. 
Booking Essential - Call 0408 028 454.   69 Currey Road Wongawallan Qld 4210 

The beautiful subTropical Xperience Gardens are a collection of rare Aroids and other exotic subtropical plants species.


Plants species are replaced in the garden regularly to provide guests with a changing environment to include an emphasis on balance, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, proportion and unity.


While flowers are often present, colour is a strong element of the garden with striking leaf colour and a variety of foliage forms and textures presented throughout the garden..


Our Vision

To provide a selection of rare and subtropical exotics species to collectors and plant enthusiasts

Events & Workshops



In 2018 we will begin our subTropical Garden Workshops.


Workshops will cover subtropical plant selection, as well as soil preparation, plant maintenance and care.  


The Workshops will be held in the beautiful subTropical Xperience Gardens - Wongawallan